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It’s really that simple.  The only way to do business is the right way.  Construction is a complex balance of “what ifs” and “how tos” —but with open communication and clearly defined expectations, most challenges can be proactively resolved.  Saves time.  Saves money.  Alleviates stress.

Experience a Better Build.

Construction timelines are often dictated by factors that the builder cannot control, with the most common being:

  • weather
  • supply chain disruptions
  • “Acts of God”
  • client delays in making decisions
  • client delays in paying Change Orders or Building Deposits

So how do we manage timelines?  With up-front discussions and clearly defined expectations (on both sides!).  If you absolutely MUST move-in by a particular date, then all contingencies will be explored—and if necessary, we will tell you what cannot be achieved.  A Happy Build is a realistic build.

What can you put into your home, and what do you want out of it?

Projects which are under-construction already have budgets assigned for each step in the process.  Everything from framing to landscaping has already been planned.  Upgrading to a fabulous 9-tier crystal chandelier in the foyer is completely doable—if your personal budget can accommodate the additional costs.

Custom, semi-custom, and remodels are handled differently.  Before we enter into a contract, we perform a cost-analysis that assigns a budget number for particular items (such as lighting fixtures).  These individual budgets are based on discussions with you in regards to your tastes and needs, and with the clear understanding that these budgets are placeholders until actual materials are ordered, labor performed, etc..

What does this mean for your budget?

To put it simply:  we’ll help you “plan your plan” and then it’s up to you to stick with your plan.  Along the way, we will clearly communicate when a request or selection is deviating from the plan, and whether there’s “extra” budget in another area that may help offset your changes or upgrades.

Design assistance is available from the beginning to help you envision your space (and how you will live in it) so that along the way we are all on the same page and can collaborate effectively.

Because we offer a variety of services, from custom-builds to projects which may already be near completion, clients often ask how we handle change requests made after the initial contract is signed.

The method is simple. We draw up a Change Order that reflects your requests, price it accordingly, get your signature and payment, and then we order the materials or labor.  In some cases (particularly for custom & semi-custom builds), a requested change may be of a scope that requires an additional Building Deposit.

Changes are always time-sensitive.  Pricing may vary based on the stage of construction (such as if completed work needs to be altered), and change requests can also affect the project completion date.

Are we willing to accommodate changes?  Yes.

Do we strive to be fair and reasonable in our pricing?  Yes.

Is it more cost-effective to price what you want from the beginning?  Absolutely.

All work is warrantied for one year, and individual mechanicals and materials (such as HVAC units, appliances, windows, roof shingles, etc.) have their own warranties which may extend past one year.

What does this mean in practical terms for you?

Prior to closing on your home (or prior to final payment for remodels), we do a walk-through with you to determine a “punchlist” for touch-ups or fixes.

Punchlist items are handled as quickly as possible, but we require your cooperation & flexibility so we can have access to your home in order to perform work in a timely fashion.

Beyond the pre-closing punchlist… if work seems faulty or problematic within the first year, contact us.  We stand by our work.

Pick the best description...

Views, Setting, Convenience…

You know exactly where you want to live… you just need the perfect home to live in.  We can help.

Evaluating the parameters of a lot, from setbacks and easements to zoning and impervious coverage limits, can be tricky.  Factor in utilities or special water & sewer considerations and it gets even trickier.  And don’t forget navigating architectural restrictions dictated by neighborhood associations!  All of these aspects have to be considered in order to select a floorplan that serves the highest and best use for the land—and for your personal needs.

This is what we do.  Let’s get started.

The Artistry of a Practical Floorplan

Maybe you’ve been sketching on a napkin, or at some point in the past hired an architect to custom-draft a home for you.  Either way, congratulations!  A clear vision just needs a building team with experience to bring it to life.

We can help you find land, suggest practical adjustments to your design, pair you with a home designer if needed, and prepare a cost breakout—all so that you know whether the scope is doable within your budget and timeframe before work begins.

When a Property Has Good Bones

You know those 30-minute TV shows where design miracles always happen under-budget and over-expectations?  Forget ’em.

REAL renovations (all the footage that ends up on the cutting room floor) are comprehensive, time-absorbing, detail-oriented projects—but, yes, they can still come in under-budget and exceed expectations!

We handle big projects.  And we handle them the right way…  with permits, licensed & insured contractors, and clearly defined parameters. Communication and budgets are key.  Design assistance included.

There is a beauty in simplicity!

We try to keep a few projects underway at all times, and one of them might be perfect for your needs!  (You even get designer help if finishes still need to be selected.)

The next simplest approach is to have a discussion about your needs and wants, and to choose from our portfolio of “smart plans”.  These are floorplans that are livable, desirable, and practical.  We can even help you find land.  (And yes, you’ll still have designer help along the way!)

Overwhelmed already?  We’re here.

One good conversation can help you establish your wishlists and needs, and how they need to be balanced with your personal budget, timelines, and lifestyle considerations.

A true custom build is not for everyone!  Oftentimes a “semi-custom” solution is the best way to achieve your goals in a cost-effective & timely manner.  Layout changes, specialty finishes, and lifestyle adaptations can be incorporated into most thoughtfully-designed floorplans.

Let’s discuss and see what approach will work best!

Experience a Better Build.

(There is never a surcharge for Quality.)